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Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it. — Hannah Arendt

I’ve always loved stories — hearing them, telling them, acting them, watching them reading them, and, now, writing them. Agatha Christie introduced me to the mystery genre, and I was hooked! Now in chapter 2 of my life, I write mysteries for the pure, wonderful, clean fun of it.

L. J. testifying in a homicide sentencing hearing. Photo appeared in a local newspaper.
About L. J.

L. J. is a forensic neuropsychologist who lives with her husband and two dogs in Jacksonville Florida. Reading, and now writing, whodunits is the passion of a lifetime. The first book in the Jamie Travers New Orleans stories series is the marriage of three converging threads. First, as a forensic neuropsychologist in private practice in Salt Lake City, she examined many suspected murderers and testified as an expert witness in several jurisdictions. At last count, she had examined criminal defendants in 36 jails or prisons. Her experiences as an expert witness triggered her interest in the dysfunctional intersection between the criminal justice system and the defendant. The second thread was triggered by the destruction of the family camp by Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane also shattered New Orleans’s criminal justice system and revealed the scars of racial inequality. The third thread comes watching people with gender identities and sexual relationships outside the bi-gender cultural norm, particularly those of African-American descent, struggle to find their way in an unfriendly world.

She is also working on her first non-fiction book, Confessions of a Carbohydrate Addict. 

She’s homeless, been given an impossible homicide to solve, and shot in the gut. What else could go wrong?

Just fired by the New Orleans Police Department, transgender African-American ex-cop, Jamie Travers, is given a second chance—to get payback by taking on an impossible murder case. The New Orleans Police Department has the wrong guy, and it’s up to her to tear their case apart. In her way are her ex-wife, a defense attorney who sleeps with suspects, a thoroughly unlikeable client, powerful enemies in the police department, and a pile of circumstantial evidence. If that weren’t enough, the killer is stalking her, and she’s having visions. Are Voodoo spirits reaching out to her, or is she going crazy? Can she find the serial killer before he finishes the job and adds her name to his kill list? But to solve the case, she’s got to confront her past—face her fears—and learn to trust.

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