Lives Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina May Never Be Rebuilt

Wading to the Superdome and the interior of the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.

Probably the best way to appreciate the extent of flooding which occurred after the levees were breached in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is to look at the familiar Superdome. Nearly everyone breathing in the U.S. has either been in the Dome, watched a game broadcast from the Dome, or seen the Dome when visiting New Orleans.  This was high ground during Katrina and served as a terrible over-crowded refuge for those who would not or could not heed evacuation warnings.  The vast interior of the Dome emphasizes the enormity of the misery and loss experienced by New Orleans residents.

The Superdome was quickly rebuilt, but the lives of residents were not. Many, many people of color left New Orleans never to return. Although most still feel a connection to New Orleans and many still ave family there, the trauma of those weeks will never heal.