Transgender Woman Murdered in Portland Oregon

Gigi Eugene-Pierce, a transgender woman, died of gunshot wounds on May 21, 2018 in downtown Portland, Oregon. She was murdered  by a woman she’d befriended. She was the 11th transgender person to be murdered in 2018. The number of homicides perpetrated against transgender individuals is increasing. 2017 was a record year, and 2018 may break that record. Gigi came out as transgender in July 2017.  She had performed as a drag queen. Gigi is remembered as a good friend. Like many individuals with transgender identities, she struggled with depression and substance abuse. She is a native of Boise Idaho.

The following transgender individuals were murdered earlier in 2018: (See :

Christa Leigh Steeler-Knudslein, Vickie Gutierrez, Celine Walker, Tonya Harvey, Zakaria Fry, Phylicia Mitchell, Amia Tyrae Berryman, Sasha Wells, Karla Patricia Pavon, Nicole Hall, and Nino Fortson. Most of the victims were female, and they represented all races and all regions of the country. The majority of deaths were hate crimes. Seven transgender individuals were murdered in New Orleans in 2017, making New Orleans a very dangerous place for transgender persons to live and work.